Saturday, November 29, 2008

I really stink at this Blog thing! I need to start doing it more often, but we lead such boring, work driven lives, it seems like a while before there is anything to tell you all! Well, I got something for ya! Jeremy and I went to Idaho during Halloween and my brithday, and we got family pictures taken. We think they turned out okay! We are not the seriouse type, so posing was a little difficult!

The trip to Idaho was fun. We got to go horseback riding a couple of times, trunk-R-Treating, a state football game, and spent some fun times with freinds and family. Since that trip we have just been working. We spent thanksgiving at Chani's house (jeremy's sister) and will be spending Christmas... alone. Jeremy has to work Christmas day, so that doesnt really leave any time to go anywhere for the holidays. Since money is tight this year, Jeremy and I are making all of our Christmas presents (but they are still AMAZING, i'm excited!) and instead of getting each other presents, we are doing more of a service oriented christmas, and are going to volunteer at a homeless shelter, and try and do more for others. I am pretty excited about the change. It is what this time of year is all about anyways! Well, that is all I really got for now! I am hoping that something exciting in my life comes up so I can tell you all about it!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Home at Last!

Jeremy is finally home! Since then Jeremy and I moved in with his sister Chani and her family and it was really actually a fun time. We got to spend a lot of time with them. We even took the girls to the Hogal Zoo!

Shayna and Kelsey petting a snake

I dont know if they thought the same thing... but sure hope they did! Luckily the time came for us to move back into our house and we took no time getting things in motion. We ripped out the carpet the day they gave us the keyes. We re-painted EVERY square inch of the house. Walls, ceilings, trim, closets, and doors! That was a task in and of itself. The hard part was trying to get it all done in four days. That is right. FOUR days. By ourselves. We had carpet being laid and furniture being delivered, so it had to get done. We barely made the deadline! We are now back into our house, most boxes are unpacked, and things are going great! We had some time off before having to go back to work so we were able to go to Lake Powell with jeremys family. That was super fun!
fishing at Lake Powell

We also got to go camping up the selway with my grandpa and grandma and my grandmas daughter and family. They go every year and just take kyndall my little sister, but this year they invited my parents and jeremy and I went too. We had a ton of fun rafting, jumping off cliffs, and camping!

Jeremy caught a fish up at the Selway

Jeremy is back at work, working super hard. Since the stock market took a turn for the worst he has been working super long hours. He has been working as much as 15 hour days for the last two weeks. It has been hard not having him here as much, but the overtime helps with our trip we have planned for November. Oh yes Florida, here we come! We are planning on a week trip to Florida to see Jeremy's twin sister. I am excited! Since Jeremy decided to work lots, so did I. I got a job at Sego Lily Day Spa. I love it! Every there is so stinking nice and always willing to help (usually, always might be giving too much credit) I made two AMAZING friends there as well. The Rachels. You know who you are! We have girls night, and some times we even invite our husbands to join come.

Girls night at my house.

Recently Jeremy and I went to MOJO's for a concert to see rachels husband Richard play in his band. We had so much fun! Anyways, that is about it for the Johnson's right now. Just working and playing. It is how we roll. Hopefully something funa nd excited happens soon so I will have more to talk about!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This is my first time ever blogging. I should have started when Jeremy left almost a year ago. Jeremy left for his second tour to Iraq in June of 2007. He is only gone for a year, so he is coming home the end of next month. I can't wait! He has not had the best time over there. He says this deployment is far harder than the last, and he means mentally and emotionally. Jeremy is a true hero though and hardly complains about the comditions, the food, the job, the hours. He is ready to be back home.

Jeremy in Iraq

While he was gone, I finished my schooling to get my master esthetics license. I loved learning about that stuff and I made some amazing friends there that I will never forget! They made being at school fun and not to mention we gave eachother a lot of pedicures and body wraps!
Megan, Brooke and I at Cameo

Once I graduated I rented out our new home and then I moved back to the parents house. It hasn't been as bad as I thought it was going to be. They have been super supportive and really helped me through everything.
our home

Mom and I

While I have been living here in Idaho, I had the opportunity to work with the young women of the ward. I have loved it. I was called as the secretary and I have come to love the women that I work with. One of them, Kellie, has truely become my best friend. She is a personal trainer, but because her and I are friends I pretty much get free trainings. We try to work out at least three times a week. It has been great fun. She also got me into horses. We are going riding this week. It has been really good to have a good friend to keep me busy and not thinking about how bad it stinks my husband is gone.
Kellie and I getting Icecream with the Young Women

Once Jeremy gets back next month we are staying with his sister for a couple on months, till our renters lease is up at our house. I think that it will be okay. Jeremy will have to go back to work and I will be looking for a job there. We are only going to be in Utah for a year or so though because Jeremy is going to pursue his Master degree. I think it will be an adventure. I am pushing for California or Arizona. He really wants to go to Chicago (brr!)

As for now, we are both counting down the days till he gets back here! (29) It will be a joyous reunion. I love that guy to death! Once I figure out this whole blog thing it might not be so boring